China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society

  •  In the 73rd year of the Republic of China, Mr. Lu Shandong, the chairman of the board of directors, believed that the members of this association must give spiritual encouragement and support to actively carry out and participate in the activities, so that everyone can be more united and move forward from now on. "Mei Song" resignation, in order to follow the thoughts of our father and grandson, Mr. Nakayama, "the miners are the root of industry, that is, the great cause of promoting modern human material civilization and economic progress." The contribution of mining and mining, metallurgy and Yiminsheng is the weft, weaving the mining and metallurgical engineers to supply energy to the world, promoting modern civilization; laying a foundation for industry, enriching the magnificent epic of the great struggle of human life, encouraging mines Comrades in the industry have carried out their efforts, have a long way to go, continue to move forward, and always be the pioneer of the world's evolution! The 1st and 9th joint meeting of the supervisors and supervisors was passed as the "Song of the China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society". During the 73rd Annual Meeting and General Assembly, all the distinguished guests and members stood up and united and sang together. Harmonious and magnificent singing!
  • The Engineering Society has a "song song", which was initiated by the club. So far, more than a dozen specialized engineering societies have no songs, and even the oldest Chinese engineers' society has only sang in the annual meeting with "big songs" (but The Chinese Trade Union has collected the songs for use in 2002.) The "Gong Song" and "Song of the Mining and Metallurgy" were composed by the then Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Shan Dong; the meaning of the song has been mentioned above, and the "Song of the Mining and Metallurgy" describes the mining and metallurgy in the mining industry. The elegant and ambivalent life of the career is a song that is easy and sweet; and the national anthem of the Republic of China, the memorial song of the founding father, and the commemorative song of the president Chiang Kai-shek... The seven patriotic songs are combined into a tape called "Mining and Metallurgy". The song collection is also a souvenir.

song 01



■Now, let us come together to recite the lyrics of the "China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society Song"

The earth is hidden, the industry is the root,

Only mines and mines, exploration and mining are prosperous;

Only me mine and metallurgy, stone and metallurgy Yiminsheng.

Providing energy for the world and promoting modern civilization;

Laying a foundation for industry and enriching human life.

Mining and metallurgical engineers, the road is long and heavy, forward! go ahead!

Always a pioneer in promoting world evolution!


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