Dear members, committee members, and all members, everyone:

The China Mining and Metallurgy Society has a history of nearly one hundred years. There are thousands of members in Taiwan, covering all major industries of mining, metallurgy, oil and electricity. Members are all over the country, official, academic, and research. This is an extremely valuable asset that we learn. . Over the years, our members have been distributed in all walks of life and have made significant contributions to the building of society and the country. It is worthy of our pride. Now, how can we continue to polish the signboard of this century-old store, and The radiance of "going with the times" is our very important responsibility.

Why do I say that it is "following the times" to glow? Because in the past, the international community has been working hard to develop ever-changing high-tech, it seems that the traditional mining and metallurgical industries have also declined. However, if we can follow the pulse of the times, combine innovative technology, look at the high-tech related to traditional mining and metallurgical engineering, and enlarge the horizon and pattern, we will inevitably create a new situation in the mining and metallurgy industry.

I would like to cite some examples of traditional mining and metallurgy that are still long-lasting and new: the coal produced in the past is mostly used as a source of combustion, but now it has the greatest potential to drive another wave of optical communication or sustainable energy. It is also carbon: this includes carbon in another form such as two-dimensional graphene and carbon nanotubes. Let me give another example: the metallurgy mentioned in the past may immediately remind people of traditional metals such as steelmaking and aluminum smelting. Of course, these metal materials such as steel and aluminum are still important and still needed, but high-value metals and functional ones. Metals like high-entropy alloys are also more important in today's technological developments. A new generation of ceramic or metal materials derived from the traditional mining and metallurgical industries has played a more important role in the battery, aerospace, communications, electric vehicles and other industries, if these new materials are used in their application form The materials are transformed into films or smaller topography, and their application is much broader. Of course, it is very important that in this process of innovation and transformation, we must also pay great attention to the use of the manufacturing process and the use of products in a more environmentally sustainable manner. I believe that only the industry that has not been able to keep up with the times has not fallen. Industry.

I believe that entering the international community is a very important thing for the society. Therefore, we will hold the first International Symposium and Annual Conference and Paper Presentation Conference of the Society of Mining and Metallurgy in the successful university in November 2019. . In order to strengthen the chain with the international community, we decided to bravely step out of the first battle. We also believe that the future academic and scientific exchanges of the Institute and the promotion of our reputation will inevitably have a good impact. To run an international/domestic seminar, especially for the first time, there are bound to be many difficulties that need to be overcome. Therefore, we hope to get support from all of you.

With the assistance of Vice Chairman Chen and members of the Board of Supervisors, the mining, metallurgical, petroleum and other committees have operated very well and all activities have been carried out smoothly. The association has hired two young colleagues to have new weather in administrative matters such as website update, membership and data compilation. The 2018 annual meeting and seminar was successfully held by the director of the Taiwan University Chen article, the director of the Department of Materials, Lin Xinzhi, and many teachers and colleagues. He also thanked many industry, academic and public and private organizations sponsoring funds such as Sinosteel. There are a lot of people to thank, and I can’t list them one by one. I would like to express my sincere gratitude on behalf of the Society. Thank you for your support and let us work together to continue to create a new situation for the society. I wish you good health and good luck.

Chairman Huang Yirui 2018.10.3