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In the 46th year of the Republic of China, the Chinese Society of Engineers and the specialized engineering associations were held to hold a joint annual meeting. From the 46th to 48th years of the Republic of China, they were held in the Zhongzheng Hall of Zhongshan Hall in Taipei City. The general mode of the joint annual meeting is: the first day is the joint annual meeting, the morning is the joint annual meeting, and the lunch is followed. An annual banquet is held at 6 pm. At 8 o'clock in the evening, the Yuxing program began. The most important thing was to hire a famous country troupe to perform two operas. The first one was a drama, such as a jumper, or a martial arts. The second is the main play. No matter whether the hero or the hero is playing, it will be sensational and applause. Similar to Yuxing, there may be changes in each year, such as changing the name of the singing and dancing team...etc. As for the next day, the annual meeting of the specialized engineering associations will be held by the institutes themselves. The meeting mode is also the morning meeting of the annual meeting. In the evening, an annual meeting banquet will be held. After the meeting, Yuxing will depend on the financial strength of each society. There are probably three ways: 1. Employing the Kang band to sing. 2. Hiring the Acrobatic Troupe to sing, dance, magic, mouth skills, cross talk, etc. are more lively. 3. Do not do all kinds of singing entertainment, please ask the members to tell jokes, tell stories, use the lottery to win prizes and so on.

It is said that in November of the Republic of China, the Chinese Society of Engineers (Lei Baohua) held a joint annual meeting with Zhongxingtang, the provincial government of the special engineering society. In the forty-nine years of the Association (President Zhu Qian), Chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the Annual Meeting, Luo Qinglan (Director of the Mining Department of the Provincial Department of Construction) also proposed that the annual meeting of the Association be held in the Great Hall of the Construction Hall of Zhongxing New Village.

On the first day of the first year of the annual meeting, the evening party was held in the open-air assembly square of Zhongxing New Village. There were foreign bands and drum trumpets on the stage. They were all set to accompany the singing performance. At this time, the chairman of the annual meeting, Lei Baohua, invited Dr. Shen Yi to give a speech. Shen Yi is a water conservancy expert and served as the minister of the Ministry of Water Resources. At that time, he was appointed as the secretary of the United Nations Far East Economic Commission and the director of the Flood Control Bureau. Perhaps because of his return to the country, Lei Baohua invited Shen Yi to be the speaker of the annual meeting. However, when Shen’s step from the background to the stage, I saw that there was a band behind it. It was very unnatural. I raised my hand and told the drummer to temporarily retreat, but the drummer did not move. Shen’s face was twilight and waved again and again. Let him leave, and Mr. Lei and the Director General Zhang Zhili were very embarrassed. Shen said that I came to the lecture, not to sing, why the band was arranged in the back, and there was no one to make a fuss. So Zhang Zhili immediately called the band to temporarily withdraw and clear the field.

After the clearance, Shen Yi began to speak, the tone was swayed, and the theory was brilliant, and the whisper was interesting! He eagerly told the audience that "the annual meeting of engineers should be based on publishing papers and exchanging research results with each other as the top priority. There should be no Yuxing performances. It is necessary to make this time for academic exchanges."

A total of 225 "Member Nights"

      The night of the members is the evening gathering of the club to promote the friendship of the members of the club. After the regular club, the members use it for various activities. In order to promote frequent contact with members and establish friendship and friendship, the member committee will use the evening time from 7:00 to 9:00 pm to hold a "Member Night" at the clubhouse every Thursday. The chairman, Feng Dazong, presides over the matter. There are twenty or thirty people from all ages, old and middle-aged, who come to participate in each other and have a cold conversation in an unconstrained atmosphere. For the event, I would like to ask the members of the evening to talk about "Mining and Metallurgy", "Overseas Knowledge", "Adventure Experience", "Academic Communication" and "Research Experience", which will be held for the first time in July 57. "Member Night", the 255th "Member Night" in January of the 68th year, has lasted for ten years and is a valuable member social gathering activity. I have chosen the incisive fragments of the key sub-conditions.

(1) The first "Member Night" At 7:00 pm on July 25, 57, a lot of romantic figures came. Feng Dazong unveiled a historic event in his laughter. Tonight, Zhu Qian talked about "Jiangxi's exploration of tungsten ore, filling the hunger and candle face", hard, exciting, funny, bitter. On the evening, Zhu Qian said that he and Cheng Zongyang were exploring the tungsten mine between the barren hills and mountains of the mountains, the grassy forests and the autumn winds in Jiangxi. They walked around and felt that the sun was sinking, the stars were full of sky, and the twilight was darkening. I can't find a way out. I just want to go down the slope according to the flow of water, but I have lost it for a long time. We are lost. At this time, it was about 11 o'clock in the night. The two were hungry and cold, and there were two or three noodles in the string. So I decided to take a break in the mountains. I took out the travel pot. The two of them gathered together the thick wood twigs nearby. The thick wood was put up to cook the noodles, and the twigs burned under the pot. Of course, there was spring water in the pot. At that time, there was no light in the dark night. I had to take out four candles for lighting. At the four edges of the noodle pot, the water in the pot was rolled. When the noodles were cooked in the pot, there was a gust of wind and four candles fell. In the pot, together with the rolling water, what do we say? I had to use the long chopsticks to pick up the candle noodles, not to eat the soup, but swallow the noodles, and sacrifice our five internal organs! At night, I had to put on a shed, and I was in the mountains. I am afraid that tension is the presence of owls, wild wolves, and mountain bears. Killing human flesh is their best food, so I can't sleep for a night, just fake to prevent danger! However, Cangtian finally refused to rely on people to explore hard work and firm will, Cheng Zongyang later served as the "Jiangxi Tungsten Mine Engineering Director".

(2) The second "Member Night", by Yuan Shizhen, said: "The Adventures of Sudden Water Disasters in Kailuan," anger, turbulence, horror, and urgency; all are surprisingly beautiful, fascinating and wonderful. The watchmaker said that on the same day, he was in the night, and suddenly he heard the sudden burst of mine water, and the raging raging flow. If he encountered a flood, he would inevitably die with the tide. Therefore, Yuan Gong was listening to the mad water at the east lane or the west lane. Because there were two pairs of things in the pit, the slope pit went down to the alley. In this critical autumn, Yuan Shizhen took the initiative and the mad water came from the east, so I rushed. The west slanted pit escaped, and the cover torrent flowed from the east. When the east slant pit was encountered, the waves blew away. So Yuan Gong said: I am fortunate enough to escape this dilemma, and today I can have fun with all the people!

(3) The fifth "Member Night", by Cheng Zongyang: Anti-Japanese military, I was transferred from the director of the Jiangxi Tungsten Mine Project and went to the Songpan area of ​​Songpan, Sichuan Province to mine gold mines and collect gold sand. Songpan is located in the northwest of Sichuan Province. It is bordered by Qinghai and Gansu's western Yunnan Plateau. It is a minority in the dangerous and inaccessible area of ​​Congshan. It is a minority, and it is mixed with the Han and the Chinese. In the heart, I don’t avoid the difficulties and obstacles. When I hang up the signboard of the “Ministry of Mines of the Ministry of Economic Affairs”, the toast is welcome by the local people. I am deeply honoured! After I got off the sedan, I asked everyone to get up. I told the toast and everyone that today’s war of resistance against Japan is a heart for the whole people. The government needs gold to be urgent, and it will be used by Zhou Ji. The government will pay attention to the suffering of the people and will pay the gold at a high price! The Chief Secretary said: All the Fanhan people in this district will be united in one heart and one mind. They will win the government to the end of the war of resistance and will do their best to engage in gold rushing and paying attention to the state and the chief of the ministry!

Since then, every day and night, I have been working with a few people in the company to collect money. Originally, the Mengla District was rich in gold, and the residents were skilled in washing and collecting gold. The other is "Zhuzijin". If you find Jinyuan, you can use the broom and sweep the collection. This is "natural gold", which is rare. When I received the gold, I checked the quality of the gold, and nicknamed the gold weight. I immediately paid for it, and I immediately transported the money by air to Ronghua. The banknotes of the anti-Japanese war finances are shallow and the planes are returned to collect the money... Repeatedly, I went back and forth, and I started again and again.... The best toast twice sent me the "He Shouwu of the double-shaped long-shoulder", the treasures of the world, so I was still young and silky.

(4) The 100th "Member Night" was carried out in a timely manner, and it was the 100th time on December 7, the Republic of China. Recall that in the past and today - in the past years, the seniors talked about some mining and metallurgy, the young people said some work experience, and then everyone asked questions. Then take the pre-arrangement, each time about one person, inside or outside the circle, the range is very wide, from special academic to overseas travel, there are slides and movies, which is very interesting to everyone; as for the meeting, it was very There are new and old faces, and there are a lot of differences. Nowadays, there are fewer new faces. Members over the age of 50 are often there. There are fewer people in the 30s and 40s, but students in the third and fifth grades of the mines have formed. The main characters, young people are talking and laughing, lively and innocent. Therefore, if you want to keep your emotions long-lasting or old, you may have come to such an interesting night. The venue is also in the conference room of this conference. It is arranged differently from the usual. There is a large mural in the center, the blue sky and the green mountains, the blue sea and the sea, and the title of "Yu universe, endless treasure", fully dissipates the atmosphere of mining and metallurgy. On both sides of the wall, there is a "Member Night" big cut, and a lot of scrapbooking of the mining and metallurgy logos, as well as ribbons wrapped around the sky, which led me into this happy space, and the joy filled me. That leisurely mind. The frame of "Yuyou Universe, Endless Treasure" in a sacred hall seems to have been placed between the clouds and the green hills. In the treasure of exploring the source of human civilization, I picked up the song of the miners who sang that year and quickly took it. Write it down.

When there were a lot of colored items in the night, Lu Shandong brought a bottle of perfume to make a color. Later, the preparatory person Wu Zhongjie reported that the money for the purchase of color goods was donated to the alumni of the engineering colleges Zheng, Guo Ronghui and Feng Zhaoji, with a total value of about 1,600 yuan. There are still several pieces in the color products that were donated by Feng Dazong. At this time, there were quite a few friends who attended the meeting, Dong Weiqiao, Wu Bozhen, Feng Dazong, Zhang Zongze, Bai Yanwu, Li Xiangting, Wu Yuqing, Wu Zhongjie, Lin Zaiqian, Lin Regeneration, Qian Zhuru, Han Shuyi, Yu Zongxian, Guo Yehui, Zhong Zhendong, Wan Xianming, Zheng Ruiqi, Zheng Qingquan, Longcun Ni, Tang Hui, Fang Guozhen, Wu Yanhui, Xu Lianfeng, Lin Chaozong, Chen Tianfu, Lin Yunjin, Zhou Jiahong, Chen Zhihong, Chen Qinglong, Liu Zhongxia, Zhang Yingyi, Wu Dehe, Liu Wuzhi, Ye Suzhen, Zhang Tian壹, Liang Haiqing, Lai Zhenglie, Shen Manjun.

Tonight's host is a female quasi-mineral 亓国伶, a three-high-level student of the three mines in the engineering school, wearing a red sweater is even more moving, she announced the meeting. She said that "Member Night" is a unique activity of the Association. It is meaningful to continue to the 100th time. On such a night, young friends have the opportunity to meet their predecessors and listen to the rare stories on many books. Therefore, the student members are deeply grateful to the convener, Mr. Feng Dazong. So in the applause, Feng Dazong gave us a speech.

Feng Dazong said that the significance and experience of the founding of the member night is deep enough to reach the 100th meeting in a short period of time. It is also necessary to work with everyone and show new tricks. The night of the ambassador will always be new. New, always angry and outstanding. He will be held once in the south, and he will also take a young friend to make a survey of the Hualien marble mine. He hopes that Director General Wu will give greater support to "Member Night".

Therefore, Wu Bozhen told everyone that the activities of this association are in accordance with the needs of everyone. The annual meeting has special lectures in various special committees such as mining, metallurgy and petroleum. The committees in the annual meeting also contributed many papers, see academic research. The atmosphere is strong. There will be two kinds of periodicals, one is the mining and metallurgy quarterly, and the other is the mining technology monthly magazine, which can be published on schedule, the content is substantial, suitable for all ages, and is not available in other specialized societies (at most, a periodic issue); The unique thing is "Member Night". It can be said that it is only the only one, and it is continuous and more and more exciting. I hope that everyone can make good use of this opportunity to enhance the exchange of emotions and knowledge.

At this time, the chairman of the country, Mr. Lu, asked Mr. Lu to say a few words. It was Mr. Lu who said that "Member Night" had the meaning and magical effect of continuous activities or events. no matter whether the board meeting or other committee meeting meets at least three or four times a year. Therefore, I feel that I am editing the "Mining and Metallurgy"... This event is very meaningful! ...Mr. Lu also said, ...Tonight is a great event, there can be no songs, so as to increase the interest... So everyone applauded and encouraged, so Teacher Lu sang in a clear scorpion: "Baoshan is everywhere, the mine is heavy. We have to go through the green waters to go through the green hills, to the five clouds in the sky! Through the rocky valley, the treasures are newly opened for mining and metallurgy. Good men, stand up, good men, stand up, and spit out the chest and Changhong!"

Of course, everyone applauded, and asked me to write the scores and suggested that the council pass the song as the club. Next, everyone wants to speak to the acting director. Mr. Dong said that he wants to tell us all the words. He will not say it anymore. He only wants to secretly tell everyone the secret of personal feeling. He is here tonight to meet here, psychologically and physically. All of them have returned to the young stage, and the night of the members is really wonderful!

It was followed by Wu Zhongjie’s report tonight’s preparations. Zhang Zongze, Li Xiangting and Lin Regeneration spoke successively. They were all very interesting and caused laughter. At this time, Long Cun Ni raised the hope that one person would report the history of the meeting, so that everyone can deepen their understanding of this meeting. So the acting director and the big brother called Lu Shandong again and asked me to report a brief history of the association. The audience always felt that it was too simple and not enough. Unfortunately, Director Zhu Qian could not come to the meeting. He will definitely come and say, There is a homely flavor. So "enrichment history" became the second suggestion tonight.

At this time, the chairman directed five young friends to carry out a big birthday cake, which made everyone's spirits vibrate and made the gathering enter another climax. On the birthday cake, ten red candles were burned, indicating that the 100th night, the director of Dong, the convener of Feng, the four preparers of Wu and the chairman of the party simultaneously blew out ten red candles in the applause, and then It is a large-scale cut cake, and the five female miners distribute the cake to everyone.

Among the people eating the cake, Guo Yehui reported to visit the coal industry in Japan. Then the applause rose again and entered the climax of the touch of the award. Everyone hangs hope in the heart, hoping that good luck will come, the first prize is only the light of the country, it is a pleasure! . I know the perfume gift that Lin has moved to, because he feels very grateful to me, and said that his good luck in the coming year is fragrant. In this way, the whole society will be covered with joy, happiness, laughter, and applause. Under such an atmosphere, one friend will go home with the pleasure that has not been enjoyed, so that the family can share the happiness of the mining and metallurgy!

(5) The 200th "Member Night" was held at the Taipei Mining Research Institute at 7:00 pm on November 4, 2006. It was celebrated with rich teas and was celebrated by the regular member Li Hongji. And use" to spread new technologies for coal mine safety.

(6) The 225th "Member Night" was held at the Institute of Mining Research at 7:00 pm on June 1st, June. It was the last time that the senior member He Yingchu talked about "extraction of copper" and spread hydrometallurgical technology. Very attracted the attention of the copper mining club!

Mining and Metallurgy Training Preparatory Committee

(1) Junior College Mining and Metallurgy Graduates Coal Mine Skills Safety Management Practice Training The China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”) is responsible for improving the production skills and safety management standards of coal mining industry graduate students. It is a middle-level cadre talent in the coal mining industry and enriches the new blood wheel of the coal mine management team. It is jointly sponsored by the Association, the Ministry of Economics Coal Industry Rationalization Foundation, the Taiwan Provincial Mining Bureau and the Taiwan Coal Mine Vocational Training Committee. From the beginning of the Republic of China in 66 years, the coal-based foundation will allocate funds for subsidies: graduates of the mine and metallurgy department will implement production skills and safety for three months.

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