95 Annual Meeting 96 Annual Meeting - Wen/Lin Relocation

The special issue of the 60th Anniversary of the Association, Lu Laoshandong was once the essay "A glimpse of the "Annual Meeting", half of the history of the history". The book was held in the 16th year of the Republic of China in the first annual meeting in Peking, and then successively in Nanjing. Held in Shenyang, Hangzhou, Jiaozuo and other places.

After the Anti-Japanese War, the annual annual meeting with the Chinese Society of Engineers was held in Chongqing, Guiyang, Kunming, Lanzhou and Chengdu. After the annual meeting in the 37th year of the Republic of China, due to the fall of the mainland, the annual meeting was suspended. Until the Republic of China in October and October, this meeting resumed in Taiwan, and it was held in November of the same year to resume the annual meeting. At the first annual meeting, Lu Lao painstakingly sorted out historical materials and prepared for work! The "History of Knowledge" describes the date, place, chairman of the conference, chairman of the annual meeting, and minutes of the annual meeting of the annual meeting of the 34th year of the Republic of China (1st) to 74th (35th). The details are huge and beautiful. In the seventy-year commemorative special issue, Lu Lao re-written "The Chronicle of the "Annual Meeting" in the past ten years", following the "Spirit of the Annual Meeting", consistently, the 75th (36th) to 80th of the Republic of China The four-year (45th) annual meeting was described in detail, which enabled the historical activities of the major events of the Association to be extended.

The 85th (36th) to the 94th (45th) annual meeting of the Association, in accordance with the instructions of Lu Lao, handed over to me to write, the dog's tail continued, not swearing, special nearly ten years of the Chronicle, a brief report Published in the "80th Anniversary Special Issue"; from 1995 to 104, the continuation of the forefront, the following is the text of the article, the end of the text is attached with the full text, if you want to read it, please click to download:

■ In the 1990s of the Republic of China (the 80th anniversary of the founding of the 80th anniversary of the founding of the annual meeting)

Annual Meeting Date: October 15th, 17th

General Meeting Location: International Hall, Ambassador Hotel, Taipei

President of the General Assembly: Su Fuqin

Chairman of the annual meeting committee: Qu Xinsheng

Annual meeting minutes:

  1. I. The 80th Anniversary Celebration of the Founding of the Association The 95th Annual Meeting was merged on the morning of October 16 (Monday). The International Hall of the National Hotel in Taipei was held. The meeting was hosted by Chairman Su Fuqin and was attended by VIPs from all walks of life. Nearly 200 people, such as mining and metallurgy, and all the staff, gathered in the crown, unprecedented grand occasion.

The meeting was delivered by Mr. Zhu Mingzhao, Director of the Minerals Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Mr. Hou Guoguang, Honorary Chairman of the Foundry Society; Mr. Yang Yuxi, a senior of the mining and metallurgy, and Mr. Lu Shandong, 90 years old, respectively, and reported that they have engaged in oil and gas exploration and coal mine development. The congregation is listening and listening, quite exciting!

After Lu’s high-speaking statement, he said: Seeing that today’s venue is magnificently decorated, dazzling and dazzling, and the group is full of talents, and there are few long-term and salty collections. So there is no song for the great celebrations. I would like to sing a song for the princes to entertain Yaxing. The song of Gaochun sang: "There are mineral deposits everywhere in Baoshan. We have to go through the green mountains and go through the green mountains. In the five clouds, we walk through the rocky valley, through the rocky valley, and the treasures are new and poor. The mining and metallurgist Li Qigong, the mining and metallurgist Li Qigong, sing the chest of the great Changhong!" won the full applause!

  1. 2. After the director of the new student reported the 80th anniversary of the founding and the preparations for the 95th annual meeting, the awarding program will be held:
  1. 1. Presented the "Technical Medal" to General Manager Chen Yuancheng of Sinosteel and the Deputy Deputy Director of He Hengzhang of Yali Hualien Factory
  1. 2. The "Metal Materials Technology Medal" was awarded to Dr. Wu Jianguo, President of Datong University.
  1. 3. Issued the "Performance Medal" to Mr. Lu Shandong
  1. 4. The "Mechanical Medal" was awarded to the President, Secretary General and the Chairman of the Special Committee for the past ten years (85-94):
  • ● Chairman: Chen Yuancheng, Yu Guanghua, Qu Xinsheng
  • ● Secretary General: Huang Chongyu, Lin Zaiqian
  • ● Chairman: Huang Zhentai, Zheng Guohua, Chen Ruixiang, Zhu Mingzhao, Zou Ruoqi, Wu Jianguo, Wu Kunyu
  1. 5. Awarded the "Celebration Award" to Fan Yufeng and Guo Qiyi, and rewarded the two participants for the contribution of the "Mining and Melting Cup" tennis tournament of the annual meeting of the Association for 30 years.
  1. 6. A letter of appreciation, a unit with a donation of more than 500,000 in the past ten years:
  • ● China Steel (stock) company (general representative of Chen Yuancheng receives the award)
  • ● PetroChina (shares) company (Lin Duke's self-represented representative)
  • ● Tang Rong Iron Works Co., Ltd. (General Manager Chen Hongbin accepts the award)
  • ● Taiwan Electric Power Co., Ltd. (represented by Mr. Cai Wenkui)
  • ● Taiwan Steel Association (President Shen Jinquan receives the award)
  • ● Institute of Energy and Environment, ITRI (represented by Director Chen Fulin)
  • ● Sinosteel Express (shares) company (Mr. Su Qiufu represents the award)
  • ● Department of Mines of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (Director Zhu Mingzhao on behalf of the representative)
  • ● Taiwan Bao Laide Company (represented by Mr. Li Huilong)
  • ● Asian Cement Company (He Hengzhang, the chief deputy factory manager, accepts the award)
  • ● Donghe Steel Company (not represented)
  1. 7. Issued the 1994 "Thesis Award" / each 20,000 yuan, each person's certificate of paper:
  • ● Mining Group / 2

   "Geophysical Technology Applied to the Investigation of Guidan and Shuiyun Hot Spring Resources in Tainan County" - Guo Tairong, Dong Lundao, Huang Yancong

   "Analysis of the Cone Phenomena on the Yield and Water Time by Numerical Simulation" - Zou Guici, Xie Bingguang, Lin Zaixing

  • ● Metallurgy Group / 2

   "Improvement of heat recovery rate and carbon dioxide emissions from ironmaking process" - Wang Yixiang, Li Zhaoxiang, Xiao Gangqing, Xu Zhonghui

   "Analysis and Improvement of the Defects of "Striped Carbon" Defects in BA Annealed Cold Rolled Steel Rolls" - Chen Zongrong, Ye Conghai

  • ● Material Group / Two

   "Charge and Discharge Characteristics of Lithium Ion Secondary Battery LiMn2O4 Cathode Material" - Liao Hongqi, Hong Feiyi, Lu Chuansheng

   "Luminescence Characteristics of Zns Fluorescent Powder Electroluminescence (2)" - Tang Zibiao, Cao Wenfang, Wu Mengyu

  • ● Publishing Committee / Article

   "Research on Mining Engineering Technology Applied to Clear Reservoir Sludge for Sustainable Operation of Shimen Reservoir" - Wen Shaobing, Zhang Ruilin, Li Yinglin

   "Using Electrical Measurement Data and Optimization Method to Estimate Reservoir-Water Interface" - Li Yiqi, Xie Bingzhi, Lu Mingda, Lin Zaixing

  1. 8. Award of Mining Student Award / 10,000 yuan for each scholarship, each person's certificate:
  • ● National Cheng Kung University / Department of Resource Engineering - Lai Yuyu

                                Department of Materials Engineering - Wang Chaohong

  • ● National Taipei University of Science and Technology / Department of Materials - Chen Yiqin, Wu Hao
  • ● Chinese Culture University / Department of Geology - Chen Yiwei
  • ● Dahan Institute of Technology / Department of Environmental Resource Management - Huang Bingren, Chen Weide
  • ● Zhiyuan School of Management / Department of Environmental Resources - Zhong Shiyi

Third, the annual meeting through the proposal together

The government is encouraged to strengthen the control of foreign energy and mineral resources to ensure the stability of domestic supply security for the sustainable development of the overall economy.

Fourth, the 80th anniversary of the birthday cake, the preparatory meeting to prepare the beautiful five-layered birthday cake, by the Governor of the Soviet Union Fu Qin, successive directors Yang Yuxi, Lu Shandong, Chen Yuancheng, Yu Guanghua, Qu Xin jointly cut the cake

  1. V. Annual Symposium: October 16th afternoon

"How does Taiwan hold a seminar on the continuous operation and management of energy", invites celebrities from the world to give a lecture, and is given by the CEO of the China Petroleum Exploration and Production Division, Lu Mingda.

  Theme - Chairman of the Board of Oil Corporation Pan Wenyan: "China Oil Corporation's operation and mastery of oil and gas"

- Chairman of the Taiwan Power Company, Chen Guiming: "Permanent Management and Sustainable Development under the Concept of Sustainable Development"

- Director of the Institute of Energy Research, ITRI: "R&D and Prospects for Renewable Energy and New Energy

To express my gratitude, this Council will give you a gift:

  • ● Chairman Pan Wenyan's resignation - "The leader of the oil industry, leading the group"
  • ● Chairman Chen Guiming's resignation - "Looking forward to the high-profile electric aviation operator"
  • ●Chen Farin’s long resignation - "The pursuit of excellence"

Sixth, read the paper: 18 metallurgy, 17 group, 16 material groups, 9 oil groups, 60 articles in the mining group

Seven, factory and mine visit: October 17th visited the nuclear plant, Jinshan Sanjin Mining Company sulfur mine, Changchun Valley dining and bathing

■ The 96th Annual Meeting of the Republic of China

Annual Meeting Date: October 12th, October 27th

General meeting place: October 26, Sinosteel T1 collection hall

President of the General Assembly: Su Fuqin

Chairman of the Annual Meeting: Chen Yusong

Annual meeting minutes:

  1. 1. On October 12, the Taipei National Library Conference Hall held a seminar on "Global Warming Issues and Countermeasures", chaired by Director Huang Yijiang of Sinosteel, to discuss the following four sub-topics:
  1. 1. Sustainable Development Strategy for Water Resources in Response to Global Climate Change: Chen Shengxian (Director of Water Resources, Ministry of Economic Affairs)
  1. 2. Energy saving in the steel industry and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions Outlook: Chen Junda (Head of New Materials R&D Department, China Iron and Steel Corporation)
  1. 3. Carbon dioxide underground storage technology and prospects: Lin Guoan (Director, Taiwan Oil Company Exploration and Research Institute)
  1. 4. Strategy and Outlook for Electricity Industry to Reducing Carbon Dioxide: Wang Huisheng (Deputy Director, Power Development Division, Taiwan Power Company)

Second, read the paper: October 26, 13:40 to 17:40, held in various seminars of Sinosteel, 35 mining groups, 28 metallurgical groups, 28 material groups, 12 petroleum groups, a total of 103

Third, the annual meeting: October 26 morning

  1. 1. Presenting the "Technical Medal" to Taiwan Petrochemical Company Research Institute
  1. 2. Issued 6 paper awards, respectively (1) Su Yisong, Zhang Ruilin, Lan Shiqin; (2) Chen Yufu, Cai Jinying, Yang Fengru, Zhou Jiajing; (3) Wu Hao, He Zhonggen, Yang Minggong; (4) Xie Rongyuan, Li Zhilong Chen Junda, Jiang Liangui; (5) Wang Yiyun, Wang Xifu, Zeng Junyuan, Lin Guanming; (6) Wang Zhiwen, Pan Mingyu, Li Zonghe, Lin Zaixing
  1. 3. Awarded “College Student Awards” to 9 people including Wang Zezhen, Ke Zhizhen, Zhong Wanqi, Zhan Yinyi, Luo Yajun, Wu Peiyu, Tan Jiazhen, Zhan Bochao, Yan Huiru, etc.
  1. 4. Invited General Manager Chen Yuancheng of Sinosteel to give a speech at the conference on "High Value - The Way Out for Taiwan's Steel Industry (Talking about R&D Alliance)"
  1. 5. Through the proposal of the annual meeting, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will be invited to strengthen the guidance and promote the NADCAP (National Acrospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Proqrum) special process certification for the domestic metal and aerospace industry manufacturers to assist manufacturers to upgrade the product grade. Entering the field of high value development of aerospace industry
  1. 6. Annual Meeting Venue: Sinosteel Mingbang Hall
  1. 7. Factory and mine visit: CNPC Nanxun Refinery and Zengwen Reservoir