China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Institute sets up university and technical college student incentives

Adopted by the first four or four joint meetings of the Supervisory Board of the Republic of China on August 21,

Amendment to the 7th Joint Meeting of the 52nd Session of the Board of Supervisors, July 25, 1999

  1. 1. This Council will set up the “China University of Mining and Metallurgy Engineering University and Technology College Student Awards” (hereinafter referred to as the “Measures”) in order to encourage the outstanding young people in the country to practice the mining and metallurgical engineering.
  1. 2. Any student who has taken the highest grades in the Department of Mining, Metallurgy, Resources and Materials at a domestic university or technical college may apply for the following two conditions if recommended by the school:
  1. 1. The average academic achievement of the whole school year is more than 80% or ranked in the top quintile of the class.
  1. 2. The performance of the whole school year in the previous school year is more than 80% or listed.
  1. 3. The number of the awards is tentatively set at six to twelve each year, and rewards and certificates are awarded respectively. The amount of the agreed amount and the amount of the award in the preceding paragraph shall be announced by the institutions in the fall semester after the decision of the Association, and the candidates shall be recommended to apply and attach the documents to be submitted by the annual meeting of the current year. The results of the selection of the committee will be reported to the board of directors for review and approval, and the winners will be notified to the annual meeting to receive the prizes in person; their financial resources will be included in the annual meeting budget.

Fourth, the application procedures

        A copy of the application form is submitted by the recommended candidate with the following documents:

  1. 1. A copy of the school or department head recommendation.
  1. 2. A copy of the academic transcript for the whole school year of the previous school year (the total average is less than 80%, and should be attached to the first one-fifth of the class).
  1. 3. A transcript of the entire academic year of the previous school year.

5. These Measures shall be implemented after the adoption of the Council, and the same shall apply to the ame