China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society Outstanding Service Contribution Award Setting Method

*The 5th joint meeting of the 59th Supervisory Board of the Republic of China on September 26, 107 was passed.

Purpose of establishment

The China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society (referred to as the Association) is dedicated to the promotion of the conference, outstanding performance and special contributions, special outstanding service contribution award.

Second, have the conditions:

Promote the outstanding performance of our work.

Executing the outstanding achievements of this Council's major tasks.

Other related services will have special contributors.

Third, the recommended way

Nominated by the chairman of the board of directors.

Recommended by the committees of this Council.

It is recommended by more than five individuals or members of the group.

Fourth, recommended homework

The recommender fills out the recommendation book to explain the important deeds and contributions of the candidate and deliver it to the Association within the prescribed time limit.

The Association announced the recommendation method in January every year to solicit candidates from all walks of life and close the receipt at the end of March.

After receiving the recommendation, the Society will forward it to the Medal Committee for review.

  1. V. Review operations

The medal committee of the Association convened a committee meeting. After the qualification examination was confirmed, the candidates were individually voted by secret ballot to obtain two-thirds of the members present as the elected person.

The elected elected person will report to the Board of Directors for approval.

Candidates who have not passed the assessment are not qualified, and the candidate for the year is absent.

Sixth, reward method

The Society will present the "Outstanding Service Contribution Award" medal at the annual meeting or member representative meeting to commend it.

  1. 7. These Measures shall be implemented after the adoption of the Council of the Association, and the same shall apply to the amendments.