Congratulations to Club Group Member Asia Cement Co., Ltd. won the "2018 TCSA Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Award" six awards!

Enterprise Sustained Model Student


 The "2018 TCSA Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Award" hosted by the Taiwan Sustainable Energy Research Foundation will present the award ceremony at the Taipei Grand Hotel today (22). The Asian Cement Company won six awards this year: the top 50 Taiwan The Sustainability Enterprise Award, the Talent Development Award, the Social Inclusion Award, the Climate Leadership Award, the Top 50 Sustainability Report Platinum Award, and the Corporate Sustainability English Report Award, Ya Mu was attended by the Chief Executive Deputy General Manager Zhang Yingfeng. Ya Mu said that Yali has long been committed to the harmonious coexistence of industry and environment, and played a leading role in the green sustainable cycle. This glory belongs not only to the Asian clay people but also to the cement industry. This definitely helps to change the misunderstanding of the outside world. Ya Mu will uphold the conviction, continue to strive for excellence, and demonstrate the determination of corporate social responsibility with action.

  The Taiwan Sustainable Energy Research Foundation believes that Yamu has long pursued high quality, high efficiency, high environmental protection, innovation and change, and promoted the "double loop" principle of "green sustainable circulation" and "sustainable governance cycle" as Yong Continued development and continuous improvement of the main axis is a model of the cement industry; Ya Mu further explains that the core value of sustainable business management lies in "people", not only to find the interaction and trust between people, but also to sincerely The public and the stakeholders communicate, through the true and correct information transmission, can drive the power of positive transformation.

  Ya Mu mentioned that because of the importance of talent cultivation, he actively built a human development system and cultivated modern talents; also planned a series of response measures for management of climate change and energy resources management; and exclusively developed low-carbon reinforced concrete to reduce The use of natural resources, the implementation of energy conservation and carbon reduction; also a series of social communication programs, including "seeing the eyes, the mine safety experience", the Aboriginal tribe "mineral safety briefing", etc., to make the sustainable mine correct The information is conveyed to the outside world. These efforts have received many feedbacks and positive repercussions. In the future, we will continue to follow the UN Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, promote and implement sustainable mine projects, and achieve green sustainability goals.