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        Industrial applications in the field of marine environmental protective coatings, machine wear-resistant coatings, aviation insulation coatings, semiconductor machine protective coatings and other fields must use the use of thermal spray coating process technology. In addition to the spraying parameters and the success of the leading materials, the selection and state of the raw material powder are the main factors affecting the properties of the coating. In recent years, the use of wet slurry materials has been considered to improve the performance of thermal spray coatings. key. We have specially invited several companies or organizations with experience in the field of hot melt spraying to share relevant experience and technology. We hope to share practical experience and exchange the latest thermal spray technology and methods to the industry, academia and research circles through the seminar. And promote more industry-university exchanges.

        Therefore, the "Hot Spray Coating Process and Powder Raw Material Technology Seminar" will be held on the afternoon of November 19, 2018 (Monday). The event will be organized by the Taiwan Coating Technology Association and the Republic of China Powder and Powder Metallurgy Association and Taipei Technology. Co-sponsored by the University Materials Institute, welcome to sign up for this event.

*Schedule date: Monday, November 19, 2018 08:30~17:00

* Venue: Taipei University of Science and Technology Comprehensive Department Hall 2 Lecture Hall (basement)

* Organizers: Taiwan Coating Technology Association, China National Powder and Powder Metallurgy Association, Taipei University of Science and Technology Materials Institute

*Co-organizers: Taiwan Kemin, Ying Naide Industry, Hantai Technology, Chengyiwang Industry

*Registration method: Fill in the registration form to complete the registration.

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