The Association won the "A Class Award" for the 104-year national social and professional group work evaluation of the Ministry of the Interior.

■ The 104th annual meeting and business of the Republic of China, after the award of the Ministry of the Interior, after winning the award in 100 and 102 years, won the "A Class Award" of the national social and vocational group again. The Ministry of the Interior was on November 9th, 105th. The International Conference Hall, 6th Floor, Taipei Youth Development Office, No. 17 Section, Ren'ai Road, Taipei City, was personally presented by Minister Ye Junrong. The meeting was attended by the Executive Director of the Executive Director Yi Hongting, Lin Hongnan, and the Supervisor Wang Zhong went to the ceremony; according to the Ministry of the Interior In the report of the conference, there are more than 17,000 national social and professional organizations registered at present. After the rigorous evaluation of the Ministry, this Council has once again won the "A Class Award" and dedicated to all of mine and metallurgists. Affirmed, it is worth celebrating!

honor 104 1

■ Minister Ye Junrong (left) of the Ministry of the Interior presented the certificate and was awarded by the Executive Director of Yi Hongting (right) on behalf of the Association.

honor 104 2