President Zhu Qian won the 2012 National Outstanding General Manager Award

■ Mr. Zhu Qiulong, former chairman of the Association, won the 30th “National Outstanding General Manager Award” in 2012

 With a macro vision and forward-looking strategy, General Manager Zhu operates Taiwan's Baoled Company with outstanding performance, which has made the company the world's largest supplier of powder metallurgy parts, with the world's largest single output; the global market share of oil-bearing bearings is 60%. The world's number one; all factories in Europe use 100% of its oil-bearing bearings; the global market share of conductive connecting plates in industrial fuel cells is more than 50%; the company's capital is 390 million, the revenue in 2011 is 4.2 billion, and the profit is 300 million. Earn 77% of the company's capital, and voted for the "National Outstanding General Manager Award", which is deserved to be the light of mines and mines! .

■ 101.12.06 President receives the winner
      President Ma Ying-jeou received the winners of the 6th National Excellence Awards and the 30th National Outstanding Manager Award in the morning of 101.12.06, affirming the efforts and contributions of the winners to the national economic development.

101 01

President visits Pauled Company / Excerpt from Presidential Palace President's Handbook 101.12..28


On December 6th, I met the winners of the 30th National Distinguished Manager Award in the government. Many CEOs in the meeting enthusiastically discussed how to effectively carry out the “production-study cooperation” between enterprises and schools to cultivate talents. At that time, the general manager of Taiwan's Porite Zhu Qiulong shared his experience with others. Baolai has cooperated with the successful university to let the general manager of the company personally go to the school to bring the valuable engineering technology and experience of the backbone industry to the university campus, not only to nurture the next generation for the country, but also to reserve professional talents for the company. This kind of proposal made me very surprised. I also decided to visit this visionary company in Miaoli and Zhunan on December 28th.

      Paula may not be the company that everyone has ever heard, but it is Taiwan’s "hidden champion" - it has developed a "micro motor oil bearing" that allows the motor to be lubricated and silent during operation, regardless of "Production" or "output value" is the highest in the world. Just like the slogan on the company wall, "Confirm, Confirm, Ensure", from the original Datong fan bearing, to the vibration motor in today's iPhone, the seat adjuster of the Mededes-Benz and Audi, the Ford and Gelly automatic gearboxes. Wait, there are products of their company. Imagine that there are seven million cars a year, and that the parts that have been shipped from Taiwan are flying in Europe—not to be proud.

      I have visited the auto parts forming area, the automobile variable valve timing system parts production line, etc. Each of the created parts and bearings is sparkling and elegant. Where is Taiwan’s Baolai? They import raw materials from Sweden, manufacture oil-bearing bearings and export them to Sweden! They are subsidiaries of Japanese companies, but they are better than blue in blue: revenue exceeds parent company, technology returns to parent company! Through the innovation bonus, even if the big environmental downturn capacity is still full, their annual profit will be close to a capital amount (390 million). What is more commendable is that the company raises the salary for the employees when it makes money. The company raises the salary of the grassroots employees by 10% for two consecutive years, fully embodying the corporate culture of “sincere and technology-oriented, all employees are proud of owning”; With the increase in orders for green energy parts and parts related to energy-saving engines from Europe and the United States, the company has purchased more than NT$300 million in equipment from this year. The total investment in the next three years is planned to exceed NT$700 million. The company’s intention to transform green energy Touching.

      Before leaving Paula, I got a small giveaway: a bottle opener made of powder metallurgy, with the words Porite on it. Zhu always designated to be sent to Meiqing as a commemoration. The production of the world's first factory, held in the hands, feels that it is the hope of the successful transformation of Taiwan's industry!

101 02/President's speech

101 03/Reporter

101 04 /General Manager Zhu reports to the Presiden

101 05/President visits production equipment of Baolai Company

■ Award background description

       The "Sixth National Achievement Award" was nominated by all the directors and supervisors of the Association of Corporate Managers of the Republic of China, and then the Standing Committee and the Selection Committee jointly discussed and voted for the second category of winners. The first category is one of the outstanding managers who have won the "National Outstanding Manager Award" for more than 10 years and continue to perform well in the industry. The second category is selected by the outstanding business operators and awarded the "Excellence Achievement Award". Affirm the achievements of his efforts.

■「The 6th National Excellence Awards are elected

Excellence in Achievement Award

Zhuo Yongcai

Chairman of Shangyin Technology Co., Ltd.

Excellence in Achievement Award

Zhang Guangbo

Chairman of Liangji Industry Co., Ltd.


The 30th National Distinguished Manager Award was organized by the Association of Corporate Managers of the Republic of China, the Association of Enterprise Managers of the Republic of China, to recruit judges from all walks of life, officials and academics to serve as judges. After strict preliminary examination, field visits, review interviews, and finalists Can receive this honor.