The "Mining and Metallurgy" quarterly magazine was awarded the Golden Award by the Executive Yuan for the magazine category.

  ■ The Information Bureau of the Executive Yuan informed the Association on November 1, 1996 with the letter of (66) Dewei No. 12317, slightly stipulated that the “Mineral and Metallurgical Magazines shall be assessed as excellent publications by the judging panel according to the selection criteria. Give Jin Ding a prize." The Press Office of the Executive Yuan is scheduled to hold an award ceremony at the Victory Hall of the Third Military Officer's Club of Yanping South Road, Taipei on November 11 (Friday) at 3 pm (Friday), and I would like to invite the Vice President Xu of the Executive Yuan to present the award.

     The Information Bureau of the Executive Yuan said at the award ceremony: "There are more than one thousand kinds of magazines distributed in the province. This year, the units recommended to participate in the selection of a total of 83 magazines. The experts and experts invited by the bureau to organize the judging committee. After many examinations,廿A good magazine won the Golden Tripod Award." He also said: "The selection of excellent magazines must be rich in content, unique arrangement style, art design, printing, binding, and proofreading." Therefore, the award of the "Mining and Metallurgy" magazine will be borrowed from you. The members' high-level research and lively technical reports, the careful selection of the subject of the publishing committee, the editorial design and creativity of the editors, the sponsored advertisements of the enthusiastic members, and the printing of the printing house, have achieved great success. Therefore, this achievement and glory of the "Mining and Metallurgy" journal is attributed to the joint efforts of all members of this association!

66 01

  ■ "Mining and Metallurgy" won the reputation of Jin Ding, and it has been warmly echoed abroad:

      (1) The Japan Mining Association will translate the review of Mining and Metallurgy.

      (2) The British National Science and Technology Library, as well as the universities of the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan and Korea, etc., are called "Mining and Metallurgy" and are frequently exchanged.

      (3) The United States "Chemical Abstracts" is an important international scientific and technological reference publication. It is said: "Please send two copies in each issue, because the magazine has classified the "Mineral and Metallurgy" magazine as the abstract of the paper."

      (4) Germany Universitatsbibliothek und T1B Postfach 608030167 Hannover Germany.

      (5) China Mining Magazine Beijing (Zhejiang 100037) Mining Building, No. 2, Wanzhuang Main Street, Xicheng District.

      (6) China Geological Library Beijing 100083.

  ■ In March of the Republic of China, “Mineral Metallurgy” was approved by the International Journal Information System Center as ISSN-0451-0011, making the “Mining and Metallurgy” quarterly journal an internationally recognized academic magazine.

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