2013 Annual Meeting Handbook

China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society Annual Meeting 2002

Preparatory Committee Member List Conference Comprehensive Report Annual Meeting Proposal

Preparatory Committee

Chairman: Wu Rongzhang

Deputy Chairman: Zhu Mingzhao, Wang Xiqin, Hu Xingtai, Wang Xifu, Liu Jigang, Wang Mengxuan, Lin Zaiqian

Executive Secretary: Tu Dexing

Deputy Executive Secretary: Lin Zhengyuan, Wang Rongliang, Lin Zaiqian (兼)

Committee members: Ding Yuanzhi, Wang Zhong, Wang Younan, Wang Maogen, Wang Yonglian, Fang Yanshan, Yu Bingsheng, Xuan Daheng, Fu Hezhong,

                     He Canying, Wu Zhichang, Wu Linmao, Wu Mingxian, Song Zhiyu, Li Kunyan, Zhou Guodong, Zhou Qilin, Yi Hongting,

                     Shi Hanzheng, Lin Mingru, Lin Jingqi, Lin Yishou, Lin Dongyi, Jin Rongcheng, Hou Yuxiong, Hou Jieteng, Ji Aming,

                     Tang Zibiao, Lian Shuangxi, Xu Xudong, Xu Zhenhu, Liang Wuxiong, Chen Yusong, Chen Dalin, Chen Taishan, Chen Minghan,

                     Chen Qide, Chen Zehao, Chen Yizhen, Jiao Youlun, Cheng Zhanyu, Qi Chengyun, Huang Xiaoxin, Huang Zhongyu, Huang Qichuan,

                     Huang Guoxin, Huang Junqin, Huang Jinjin, Huang Huaming, Huang Qiyuan, Huang Hongdu, Li Hongdian, Luo Guangkai, Zou Ruoqi,

                     Guan Xinwan, Cai Yizhen, Cai Songzhen, Zheng Zongren, Zheng Ruichi, Lai Kefu, Zhong Ziqiang, Zhong Lemin, Jian Zongyi,

                     Wei Yiyi, Su Weiren, Lin Shengzhong, Huang Chongqiu, Tong Qianxiang, Lin Zhishan, He Changqing, Xing Kungui, Ye Yusheng,

                     Jiang Chongrong, Cai Sui, Chen Minxiu, Chen Longshi, Guo Qiyi, Zeng Baozhong, Ye Yalun, Xie Chengzhi, Luo Wenjie,

                     Xu Kunshan, Cui Shuhua, Song Guichun, Wei Jisheng

General affairs group

Convener: Lin Zhengyuan

Deputy Convener: Huang Junqin, Wang Yonglian

Finance group

Convener: Liu Jigang

Deputy Convener: Xu Kunshan, Luo Guangkai, Li Hongdian

Focus group

Convener: Wu Mingxian

Deputy Convener: Chen Yuying, Wang Yonglian, Chen Taishan, Guo Qiyi

Award group

Convener: Yu Bingsheng

Deputy Convener: Chen Yizhen, Chen Dalin, Chen Taishan, Tang Zibiao, Lian Shuangxi, Zheng Ruiqi, Shi Hanzheng, Wei Jisheng

Registration group

Convener: Lin Zaiqian

Deputy Convener: Luo Wenjie, Cui Shuping, Song Guichun

"Mine and Metal Cup" Tennis Tournament Group:

Convener: Fang Yanshan

Deputy Convener: Tu Dexing, Guo Qiyi, Huang Zhijin

Conference comprehensive report

The comprehensive report on the implementation of the 102-year conference work of the Association is as follows:

A, conference work

  1. I. Selection Committee:

According to Article 19 of the Chapter, the election of the Association, Supervisors and Representatives of the Association was elected by the two former members of the Board of Directors (Mr. Su Fuqin and Mr. Wu Jianguo) and the current Chairman (Mr. Zhu Qiulong). Members, composed of the selection committee, and the current chairman of Zhu, Qiu Long, is the convener. In December (102), he elected the 57th (103-104) Supervisor and the 31st (103-104) member representative.

Second, the medal committee:

(1) This Council solicited the candidates for the "Technical Medal" of the Republic of China in the year of 102. On March 15th, (102), the (102) Mining and Metallurgy Award No. ○ in the "Mining and Metallurgy" Journal, Volume 57 The first issue (March, March, 2003), the publication of the solicitation recommendation notice.

(2) As of August 31, a total of two letters of recommendation were received, and on September 16th, Chairman Lin Zong was chaired by the chairman of the committee to review the qualifications and vote in parallel.

(3) Dr. Li Huilong, a member of the review candidate group, and Mr. Li Huilong, an individual member, are in compliance with Articles 5 and 6 of the Medal.

(4) The six members of the Attendance Committee voted in the voting, and all the votes were approved by the winners of the 102-year technical medal of the Republic of China. They were approved by the 56th Joint Meeting of the Supervisors and Supervisors and accepted as awardees at the 102nd Annual Meeting. .

  1. 3. Joint meeting of the governors and supervisors:

(1) The 6th Joint Meeting of the 56th Session: March 3, 1998 (Friday) at 3 pm in the conference room of this Council, report and resolutions:

  1. 1. Chairman Zhu said that this session will convene the first "Taiwan SOFC Industry Alliance Strategy Discussion Seminar" and the development of fuel cells in Japan by the government and give an award.
  2. 2. Secretary-General Lin's report: (1) The Association accepts the income and expenditure of the “Amendment of the Mining Law and the Enhanced Sea Area Exploration Regulations” entrusted by CNPC; (2) The final accounts of the Association for the year 101: income of RMB 4,990,933, expenditure of RMB 4,370,683, balance of 620,250 (3) Organizing the "30th Second Member Congress"; (4) Venue sale: Hong Kong Merchants Yuan Kai Co., Ltd. offered NT$46 million (1.25 million per ping).
  3. 3. The special committees report on the organization and work plan for 102 years.
  4. 4. Discuss the amendments to the provisions of the “Lu Shandong Scholarship” selection method.
  5. 5. Recommend Yi Hongting as the representative of the Board of Directors of the "Institute of Electricity and Nuclear Safety Projects" of the Chinese Society of Engineers.

(ii) The 7th Joint Meeting of the 56th Session: Thursday, June 20, 102 (Wednesday) at 10 am in the conference room of this Council, report and resolutions:

  1. 1. Message from Chairman Zhu: (1) The members of the Association, Taiwan Petrochemical Company and Sinosteel Corporation, were awarded the "Outstanding Enterprise Award" by the Chinese Society of Engineers and the "Industrial Cooperation Excellence Award" by the Metal Industry Research and Development Center. "The development of ultra-low-carbon sulfur-nitrogen refining process technology" won the "Engineering Paper Award", which was specially celebrated; (2) The meeting was proposed at the 98th annual meeting, and the Legislative Yuan was asked to pass the "Greenhouse Gas Reduction Method" for the first time. Doubt and dissatisfaction, please supervise and urge the competent authority to fully communicate with industry and commerce as soon as possible to eliminate obstacles and improve feasibility. The court issued a letter: The petition was not reviewed and the original was returned. Once the law has passed the third reading and announced the implementation, it will lose competitiveness and far-reaching impact on China's electricity industry, steelmaking industry and plastics industry.
  2. 2. Secretary-General Lin’s report: (1) The meeting site will be sold and the new site will be proposed to set up a task force to promote the project; (2) Thank you, Mr. Zhu, for further production of powder metallurgy stainless steel Wenzhen to send this Council, Wenzhen has this Council Logo and date of establishment: Since 1927; (3) In order to thank the senior members for their contributions and support to the Association, it is recommended to develop a senior member's exemption from annual membership fees.
  3. 3. 102-year Annual Meeting of Chairman Wu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, the report of the annual meeting: The proposed annual meeting will be held on October 25th at the Miaoli Research Institute; on October 26th, the factory will visit; on October 16th, "Energy Technology and The Environmental Protection Symposium was held at the International Conference Hall of the Sixth Teaching Building of the Taipei University of Science and Technology.
  4. 4. Cai Paper Member Song Wei (Director of Huang Huaming) reported that the Association recommended the development of ultra-low carbon nitrogen sulfur steel refining process technology to participate in the China Engineering Society Paper Competition and won the "Engineering Paper Award".
  5. Implementation reports of the work plans of the special committees for the period from January to June.
  6. Report on the handling of the 101-year annual meeting proposal.
  7. Apply by the Societe Generale Refractory Industry Co., Ltd. as a member of the Association.
  8. Established a meeting place for the sale and new purchase of the new meeting site, through Liu Jigang executive director, Lai Kefu executive supervisor, Cai Sui executive director, Wang Xifu executive director, Yi Hongting director, Zheng Ruichao director, Lin Zaiqian secretary-general and other seven members Cai Sui is always a convener.
  9. Regarding the case of Changqing members exempt from the annual meeting, the member committee is invited to study the method and discuss it at the next meeting of the board of supervisors.

(3) The 8th Joint Meeting of the 56th Session: At 2 pm on September 24, 102, held in the conference room of this Council, the report and resolution:

  1. 1. The special committees report on the work of the third quarter (July-September).
  2. 2. Winners of the 102-year Technology Medal of the Association: Group member Xiangyang Mining Co., Ltd. and individual member Dr. Li Huilong.
  3. 3. Ratify the publishing committee for the selection of 9 winners of the 101st mining and metallurgical paper.
  4. 4. Agreed to approve the 102-year college student award winners: National Cheng Kung University - Qiu Kailun, Zhuang Qiyi; Taipei University of Science and Technology - Dong Zhian, Zhang Ruiqi; Kaohsiung University - Chen Yu; Datong University - Wang Yin; Dahan Institute of Technology - Yang Anjie and other 7 people
  5. 5. Agreed to approve the “Lu Shandong Scholarship” winners: National Success University – Ke Wei, Taipei University of Science and Technology – Ouyang Caiyu, National Chiao Tung University – Lu Yi Xuan and other three graduate students.
  6. 6. Adoption of the second year of the 102nd Annual Meeting Proposal.
  7. 7. It will be implemented next year through the "Measures for the annual membership fee exemption for Evergreen members of this Council".
  8. 8. Through group members: (1) Lidong Industrial and Mining Co., Ltd.; (2) Xuhua Stone Industry Co., Ltd.; Junior Member: Zhou Yuhui, 9 members of the Department of Geology, Culture University.
  9. 4. Organizing 4 seminars on "Taiwan SOFC Industry Alliance Grouping Strategy":

(1) The first time: January 21, 2012 (Monday), Taiwan Baolai Company 201 briefing room was held. The attendees included the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Technical Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Industrial Research Institute, CNPC, and Sinosteel. Professors from more than 50 universities, such as private enterprises, National Taiwan University, Chengdu University, Jiaotong University, Zhongda University, General University, Yuanzhi University, etc., were reported by Dr. Lin Lifu, former director of the Institute of Nuclear Research: "Taiwan SOFC industry settlement development strategy" The discussion was warm.

(2) The second time: On March 14, 1998 (Thursday), held in the conference room on the 3rd floor of the 2nd Administrative Building of Sinosteel: Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Technical Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Nuclear Research Institute, Industrial Technology Research Institute, China National Petroleum Corporation, About 40 people from China Steel, the business community and university attended the conference. Resolution: 1. The name of the organization is: "Taiwan SOFC Industry Alliance Preparation Group", Convener: Zhu Qiulong; CEO: Zeng Lingyuan; Deputy Chief Executive Officer: Lin Lifu, Li Jianming, Wu Rongzong. 2. It is suggested that the Energy Bureau and the Technical Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs at the 3rd meeting can send staff to visit and guide.

(3) The third time: At 1 pm on May 21, 102 (Tuesday), the conference room on the 9th floor of the administrative building of Taipei University of Science and Technology was held. The Energy Bureau, the Technical Department and the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs sent staff to visit and guide the Institute. , China National Petroleum Corporation, Sinosteel, private enterprises, and related universities all sent representatives to participate in the event, attended by 45 people. In the meeting, Zhu Zhaoji reported the progress of the work of the Taiwan SOFC Industry Alliance Preparatory Group. Deputy Director Wu Ruiyi of the Institute of Nuclear Energy introduced "the United States, Germany and Japan's fuel cell policy and promotion subsidies and market and product marketing strategies"; the former executive director reported that "the integration of Taiwan's SOFC industry alliance"; the meeting recommended that Mr. Zeng Lingyuan After deputy CEO Lin Lifu consolidated the data research and development in one month, he briefed the relevant units of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

(4) The fourth time: At 1 pm on July 18, 1998 (Thursday), held in the conference room on the 9th floor of the Administrative Building of Taipei University of Science and Technology. The Industrial Bureau, the Energy Bureau and the Technical Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs sent instructions to the participants. people. In the meeting, Mr. Zeng Yuanyuan reported on the “Taiwan SOFC System Integration Plan”; Dr. Yang Shangyou from the US Bloom Energy Energy Company, “Smart Energy Infrastructure for the 21st Century”, and finally completed two discussions:

  1. 1. Urge the government to set incentive measures for subsidies for SOFC industry component suppliers and system assembly plants; and strive for the corresponding case of Bloom Energy's factory-provided component suppliers. The recommendations are: (1) urge the government to formulate specific feasible short-, medium- and long-term incentives; (2) invest in research and development to manufacture high value-added components, and do not regard price competition as the most important means; (3) Cell, Stack Manufacturers join the ranks of production to make the supply chain more complete.
  2. 2. It is recommended that the government import cheap shale gas for domestic users.
  3. V. The 2nd Member Congress of the 30th (101-102):

On March 22, 2003 (Friday), the morning of the 513 meeting room of CNPC was held. The report: 101 years of conference and business; 101 years of expenses and assets and liabilities; and the implementation of the 101st annual meeting proposal; Pass: 102 years of work plan and 101 year budget.

B, business work

First, the publication of the journal:

(1) The publication of the journal "Mining and Metallurgy", Volume 57, Issue 1, Issue 3, is rich in content, covering academic works, toast talks, comments, albums, special events and meeting minutes.

(2) Hardcover "Mineral and Metallurgy" 56 volumes.

Second, the special committees hold academic activities:

  1. 1. Introduction to steel materials and their heat treatment technology January 7~15 Taichung, Kaohsiung
  2. 2. Stainless steel stamping forming technology and practical application January 16~31 Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung
  3. 3. CO2 geological storage pilot test continuous extrusion operation January 7~11

January 22~23, Miaoli

  1. 4. Production technology and planning of wells in sea area mining area January 17 Miaoli Research Institute
  2. 5. Non-traditional Energy Series Lecture - Access to the PSC Assessment Process at the CBM Mine in Shanjiashan, Indonesia January 22, 24 Miaoli
  3. 6. Steel fasteners metallographic implementation and analytical training class January 29~31 Kaohsiung University
  4. 7. Thermoelectric Technology R&D Applications and Trends January 29 Hsinchu Institute of Technology
  5. 8. Light metal innovation application competition campus promotion February 1st~May 8th colleges and universities
  6. 9. Seminar on the Exploration Value of Dissolved Matter in the Southwestern Taiwan Sea February 6 Miaoli
  7. 10. Construction BCR, BCP Steel Structure Tube Seminar March 6 Zhongxing University
  8. 11. Global Warming Development and Trends March 15 Taipei
  9. 12. CO2 Geological Storage Workshop March 21 Miaoli
  10. 13. 3C and steel industry technology exchange seminar for home appliance industry March 21 Kaohsiung, Sinosteel
  11. 14. Steel Industry Engineering Technology Seminar (27th) March 25~28 Jianhushan
  12. 15. Seismic interpretation system kingdom software new version seminar April 1 State-owned Assets Department
  13. 16. Seminar on Petroleum Engineering Technology in Foreign Mining Areas April 1 Miaoli Research Institute
  14. 17. 102 Year Explosive Blasting Project Training Course April 8~10 Yilan County
  15. 18. New Fresh Food Residue Kitchen Waste Treatment Machine April 19 Taipei
  16. 19. Large-scale Bar Steel Technology Development Seminar April 19 Miaoli Head Company
  17. 20. Workshop on the effects of physicochemical properties of carbon dioxide sealing casings April 26 Miaoli United University
  18. 21. Folding Mechanism Seminar April 29 Taipei University of Science and Technology
  19. 22. Technical Seminar on the Southeast Surveying Area of ​​the Taihang Contract Area May 1 Miaoli
  20. 23. Carbon steel, cast iron, alloy steel and stainless steel material selection and heat treatment technology application May 6~7

May 20~21 Taipei, Kaohsiung

  1. 24. 2013 Refractory Symposium May 22 Sinosteel
  2. 25. 2013 Refractory Application and Technology Seminar May 22 Sinosteel
  3. 26. Snow Mountain Range Stratigraphic Discussion Seminar May 27th
  4. 27. Non-directional electromagnetic steel sheet technology exchange seminar (1) May 31 Zhongxing University
  5. 28. Technical training for safety management personnel in open pit and oil and gas mines May 28~June 11 CNPC Exploration and Production Division
  6. Precision blanking and punching forming die design technology and its application May 30~31

September 25~26 Taichung, Kaohsiung

  1. Seminar on Heavy Metal Emission Control in Combustion Systems May 30 Sinosteel
  2. Chad Mining Area Structure and Oil and Gas Potential Seminar June 5 Miaoli
  3. Stainless Steel Welding Technology Practice and Application June 20~21 Taida Qingling Center
  4. Marine (Offshore) Engineering Steel Structure Seminar June 27 Sinosteel
  5. Technical Seminar August 19 Miaoli China Oil Exploration and Production Division
  6. Characteristics of stainless steel materials and heat treatment points August 19~20 Taichung Metal Center
  7. Summer University Mining Student Seminar August 19~30 Taipei, Hualien
  8. Selection of aluminum alloy materials, metallographic structure analysis and heat treatment technology application August 29~30 Kaohsiung Metal Center
  9. Seminar on Technology Development of Fastener Industry September Kaohsiung University
  10. Aluminum Alloy Stamping Die Design and Forming Technology September 6 Kaohsiung Metal Center
  11. Aluminum alloy forging design and process technology application September 7 Kaohsiung Metal Center
  12. Aluminum extrusion and material technology application September 12 Kaohsiung Metal Center
  13. Aluminium and aluminum alloy corrosion and improvement technology application September 13 Kaohsiung Metal Center
  14. Application of aluminum alloy surface treatment technology September 26 Kaohsiung Metal Center
  15. Application of Aluminum Alloy Anode Treatment Technology September 27 Kaohsiung Metal Center
  16. Steel Management Seminar September Yunlin University of Science and Technology
  17. Microalgae Oil Production Technology and Observation Seminar October China Steel Corporation
  18. Bridge Steel Structure Seminar October Taipei
  19. Introduction to high value material processing applications October Sinosteel
  20. Grain structure and recrystallization of aluminum alloys October 3-4 Kaohsiung Metal Center
  21. Symposium of the 102nd Annual Meeting of China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society October 16 Taipei University of Science and Technology
  22. China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society 102 Annual Meeting October 25 Miaoli Chinese Oil Exploration and Production Department
  23. The 69th Business Explosives Administrator Training Course October 15~November 2 Personnel Administration Bureau
  24. On-the-job training for the person in charge of the open pit mine and safety management personnel October Ruifang Peace Training Classroom
  25. Green Steel External Carbon Reduction Benefit Analysis Methodology Seminar November China Steel Corporation
  26. Seminar on Steel Technology Development for Hand Tools November Taichung
  27. 3D Printing Metal Powder Materials Manufacturing Technology Seminar November ITRI South Branch
  28. On-the-job training for oil and gas mine owners and safety managers. November Ruifang Peace Training Classroom
  29. GZO Transparent Conductive Film Materials and Coating Process Development Seminar December ITRI South Branch
  30. Non-directional electromagnetic steel sheet technology exchange seminar December China Steel Corporation

Third, cross-strait academic exchanges:

(1) The China Mining Association regularly sends the "China Mining" monthly magazine and the "China Mining Yearbook" (2012). The Association will give back the "Mineral and Metallurgy" journal.

(II) The 4th (2013) Cross-Strait Oil and Gas Symposium will be held in Taiwan at the end of November. A letter has been sent to invite the Fujian Mining Association to come to Taiwan for cooperation.

(3) The Fujian Mining Association and the Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources will form a 22-member delegation to Taiwan at the end of October and will arrange a visit to the Taimu and Yali Mines.

(4) 11 people from the Fujian Geological Society will come to Taiwan from November to December and will arrange to visit the Central Geological Survey of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  1. IV. The handling of the 101-year annual meeting proposal:

Proposal 1: The East China Sea is judged to contain abundant oil and natural gas resources. The government is requested to establish a cooperation mechanism with the countries of the East China Sea region to jointly develop this area based on the principle of “sovereignty in me, shelving disputes, equality and mutual benefit, and joint development”. (mining committee)

Handling situation: The case was reported to the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the competent authority, and it was received by the Ministry of Economic Affairs on January 23, 2012, with the letter No. 10202500410: The Ministry will continue to uphold “sovereignty in me, controversy, equality and mutual benefit, and joint development. The principle is to establish cooperation mechanisms with countries in the East China Sea region to jointly develop this region.

Proposal 2: In response to the government's efforts to upgrade China's industrial standards, 10 "Industrial Basic Technology" projects have been planned to guide the industry to take root in the basic technology. The government is invited to add another "metal materials and applied basic technology" project to deepen China. Metal base industry. (metallurgical committee)

Handling situation: The case was reported to the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the competent authority, and it was received by the Ministry of Economic Affairs on January 29, 102, in accordance with the letter No. 10202500410: The Ministry will conduct an assessment and report the "Industrial Basic Technology Development Promotion Group" according to the procedure. The "Industrial Basic Technology Development Steering Group" is included in the program promotion and implementation.

Five, honors list:

(I) The members of the Association, Taiwan PetroChina Co., Ltd. and Sinosteel Structure (Shares) Co., Ltd. were awarded the "Outstanding Enterprise Award" by the Chinese Society of Engineers.

(II) The Metal Industry Research and Development Center of the Group Member was awarded the “Industrial Cooperation Excellence Award” by the Chinese Society of Engineers.

(III) The Institute of Mining and Metallurgy of the Association: “The development of ultra-low carbon sulfur-nitrogen refining process technology” won the “Engineering Paper Award” from the Chinese Trade Union.

102 year annual meeting proposal

Proposal A

Proposal unit: Metallurgical Committee

Case: Taiwan's special steel industry has been developed for more than 30 years, and it can be said that it is a fairly mature industry. However, most of the research on the production and sales of the steel industry refers to ordinary steel, and it is rarely discussed in the special steel field. The government is requested to assist in the support of special steel production and sales conditions for market research and statistics, so that domestic players can fully and accurately understand the development status of the special steel industry and make scientific predictions for the future.

Explanation: 1. The material industry is a national basic industry, and special steel has the characteristics of high added value, high industrial relevance and high technical level, which is a prerequisite for the development of national defense, transportation, machinery, electronics and people's livelihood industries. Therefore, whether it is an advanced country or a developing country, all industries are actively revitalized to enhance national competitiveness.

  1. 2. In order to enable domestic players to comprehensively and accurately understand the development status of the special steel industry and make scientific predictions for future industrial investment, the government is requested to assist in providing market research information on the production and sales of special steel.

Method: Market research work on the production and sales of special steels, I hope the government can add assistance to assist or be assisted by the research institutions.

Resolution: The case is submitted to the annual meeting for discussion.

Proposal B

Proposal unit: Petroleum Commission

Case: In order to attract foreign businessmen to participate in the exploration of oil and gas in China's seas, in order to accelerate the mastery of their own oil sources, it is recommended to add a special sea area exploration and mining regulations in the mining law, and cooperate with the revision of relevant mining regulations.


  1. 1. Due to the fact that China's current mining laws and other relevant laws and regulations have not implemented detailed specifications for marine oil and gas exploration, at this stage, although foreign oil companies have expressed their willingness to cooperate in the exploration of Taiwan's oil and gas industry with Taiwan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CNPC), However, because foreign oil companies compare China's current mining law with international oil and gas exploration and cooperation models, they believe that key issues such as the acquisition of mineral rights, the proportion of work rights, the recovery of input costs, and even the benefits of profits and taxes are all important issues. There are no clear regulations and many doubts. Therefore, it is difficult for CNPC to cooperate with foreign capital so far.
  2. 2. CNPC commissioned the China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society to hire experts and scholars from the mining industry in January and August of 2011. With reference to the current international oil and gas exploration cooperation model and in line with China's national conditions and natural conditions in the sea area, the company proposed to increase the mining industry. The revised articles and the draft of the sea area exploration and extraction draft, and the relevant research conclusions and recommendations, can provide reference for the relevant law-enforcement units.

Approach: The Government is urged to update the "Special Seal of the Sea Area" in the "Mining Law" as soon as possible to facilitate the exploration of oil and gas in the sea area.

Resolution: The case is submitted to the annual meeting for discussion. resolution:

Paper reading (catalog)

Mining Group Paper Mining Session

(1) Moderator: Wei Jisheng, Ding Yuanzhi

(2) Thesis: 14 articles 14 Papers

  1. 1. Using three-dimensional seismic data to study gas-water compounds in the southwestern Taiwan

Chen Liwen Liu Jiayu Lin Xiaowu

  1. 2. Oil and gas exploration in the Paleosystems of Taiwan

Li Changzhi Zhuang Huiru

  1. 3. Development and application of full waveform back-test of seismic data of two-dimensional sea area methane hydrate exploration

Li Kunsong Chen Haowei

  1. 4. Diversity of volcanic topography in Taiwan's crater

Zhuang Wenxing Zhang Yusheng

  1. 5. Distribution of mud penetration into the upper high-slope slope of the southwestern Taiwan Sea and characteristics of active mud volcanic eruption

Chen Songchun Xu Shukun Wang Wei Liu Jiayu

  1. 6. Analysis of geological structure of slate belt in Suao area, Taiwan

Yang Zhongjin Luo Wei He Gongrui

  1. 7. Exploring the characteristics of the western wing of the Central Mountain Range in northern Taiwan by mineral phase composition

Jiang Yijun Liu Jiamei Luo Wei Wang Jiqing

  1. 8. Application of coherence and spectral decomposition to identify paleochannels and distribution

Gu Jiayan Li Jianping Luo Shirong

  1. 9. Preliminary study on calcite in the upper reaches of Qingshuixi, Qingshui, Yilan, Qingshui

Chen Yuhuai Liu Jiamei Li Yihe Song Shengrong

  1. 10. Research on geological map combined with W3C specification in circulation and supply

Chen Jiasheng Zheng Wenzhao Shao Pinghua Chen Yanyou

  1. 11. Influence of stress variation caused by tunnel excavation on permeability characteristics of rock disk

Li Zheyu Zhan Shangshu Wang Taidian

  1. 12. Study on mechanical properties of sandstone after high temperature

Zhang Qun and Guo Junzhi Wang Jianli

  1. 13. Discussion on strength and deformation anisotropy of marble and different stress paths test methods

Lu Zhangqijie Gao Shaowei Wang Taidian Weng Zuyu

  1. 14. Discussion on the application of ground light to the geometric parameters of discontinuous surface of rock

Wu Dongwei Zhan Shangshu Wang Taidian

Metallurgical Group A Paper Metalurgy Session-Group A

(1) Moderator: Lin Dongyi, Wu Zhichang

(II) Argument: 11 articles 11 Papers

  1. 1. Development of high strength low alloy steel 420LA for automotive structural parts

Wang Taixiang Ke Xuxun Tu Tainian

  1. 2. Effect of low temperature rolling on the spheroidizing process time of medium carbon steel

Li Junyi Lin Yiying Guo Yingze

  1. 3. Causes and countermeasures of transverse cracking of high strength low alloy steel casting

Su Yanhao Sun Xingyu Lin Zichao Chen Bingyuan

  1. 4. Development of steel plates for offshore pipelines and research on CTOD destruction institutions

Yang Ziqing Huang Qingyuan

  1. 5. Hot-rolled pickled steel strip film measurement and oil unevenness improvement technology

Guo Yuren Shi Junchao Lu Zhiren Cai Yicun

  1. 6. Improve the edge bulging problem of the first hot-rolled steel strip in the first hot-rolled steel strip by six standard deviation method

Li Guoquan

  1. 7. SCM415 low carbon chrome molybdenum steel small steel horn corner crack improvement

Huang Shiyu Gao Qilun Chen Zhiyuan

  1. 8. Hot rolling aluminum sheet rolling thickness accuracy improvement

Ou Yiliang Zheng Hengxing Zhang Jinlu

  1. 9. CG product coating technology advancement

Chen Yaobin Luo Wanfu

  1. 10. Evaluation of Cooling Efficiency of Copper Cooling Wall Installed Cigar Cooling Rods

Chen Youzong He Zhonggen Cai Jianxiong

  1. 11. Preparation of high-density graphite blocks with medium carbon microspheres and bonded asphalt

Xu Renyong Liao Fusen Mai Qixian

Metallurgy Group B paper Metallurgy Session-Group B

(1) Moderator: Ye Zhiming Chen Yingan

(2) Thesis: 10 articles 10 Papers

  1. 1. Using EBSD to analyze the microstructure of various stages of electroplated copper filling: butterfly deposition mode

Chen Yuzhi Lu Mingkai Fan Jiayu He Zhengen

  1. 2. S2 steel grades reduce feed size process improvement

Guo Jiazhen Liang Shengle

  1. 3. Thermodynamic simulation calculation of slag desulfurization capacity

Qu Yili Chen Shuguang Wu Weide Lin Qiming

  1. 4. FMR electric furnace overall refractory material improvement

Huang Yingchao Shao Jianrong Fang Minyu Huang Fengji

  1. 5. Study on the effect of slag-forming agent addition and operation mode on the removal of metallurgical grade lanthanum

Wu Baiwei Liao Fangjun Chen Yongjie

  1. 6. Development and application of slag making technology by converter blowing double slag method

Zhang Guling Huang Wenjie Guo Bian Zhou Wenxian

  1. 7. Improvement of blast furnace fabric technology of Sinosteel

Huang Guohua Li Shifeng Lu Zhenyuan Du Xianwen

  1. 8. Development of high-life converter slag upgrading nozzle

Weng Dingcai Li Yucheng Shao Jingheng Yang Jincheng

  1. 9. Water model study on the formation of solids in the double tube bottom blowing process of converter

Huang Yulun Liu Yongzhang

  1. 10. Hot dip galvanizing alloying of phase-induced plasticity steel

Wang Guangguo Xu Qiongwen Zhang Liuwen Chen Zongrong

Material Group A Papers Session-Group A

(1) Moderator: Wei Yiyi Li Huilong

(II) Argument: 12 articles 12 Papers

  1. 1. Preparation of magnesium-based nanocomposites by mechanical grinding and their hydrogen storage properties

Guo Jiahong Li Jianhong Huang Junru Huang Wei

  1. 2. Study on the interfacial reaction of tin-zinc-copper solder on Cu/Low-k wafer flip-chip

Zhang Yazhen Chen Zhiji

  1. 3. Development of sputtering molybdenum target for optoelectronic industry

Huang Hongsheng Qiu Junhao Hong Yuting Dong Weiqian

  1. 4. Preparation of bismuth telluride/silver composite block and its thermoelectric properties

Guo Jiahong Tang Yiwei Xie Fengren Huang Qixiang

  1. 5. Microstructure and strengthening mechanism of adding lanthanum carbide to titanium-copper-molybdenum alloy by vacuum sintering

Huang Zhongren Zhang Shixian Lin Junyi Liang Cheng

  1. 6. Interface reaction of silver bumps

Liang Wei Lin Xinyu Chen Zhiji

  1. 7. Phase equilibrium of copper-zirconium-aluminum ternary system at 500 °C

Zhang Guzhong Chen Guanda Yan Yiwen

  1. 8. Effect of precipitation behavior of A390 aluminum alloy on size

Xie Changhong Jiang Yilin Yang Zhifu

  1. 9. Development of ultra-thin 6mm aluminum foil

Shi Hanzheng, Zhong Zhongyi, Chen Bowei

  1. 10. Study on the influence of hot rolling and annealing process on the microstructure and properties of commercial pure titanium

Liu Champion Hong Wei Chen Shuguang Hong Yuting

  1. 11. Research on the mechanism of brick color change

Zhang Zhongming Li Wenjuan

  1. 12. Proppant preparation and property evaluation of fracturing fluids

Zeng Yujun Yu Peiqing Fan Yijun Han Yulong

Material Group B Papers Session-Group B

(1) Moderator: Cai Xinci, Hu Yi

(II) Argument: 12 articles 12 Papers

  1. 1. Structural and electrical properties of 3d transition metal-doped Li4Ti5O12 defect spinel by ab initio calculations

Cai Bingjun Lin Shigang Xu Wendong

  1. 2. Effect of Na2WO4 flux on photoluminescence properties of Y6WO12:Eu3+ phosphor powder

Jian Ziqin Qi Zhenzhen Huang Qixiang

  1. 3. Spontaneous reduction behavior and fluorescence characteristics of Eu3+ ions in MO-Al2O3-SiO2(M=Sr, Ca) system

Liao Xiuman Wu Yuchun

  1. 4. Novel oxyapatite structure yellow light phosphor powder applied to white light emitting diode package

Huang Jianhao Chen Dengming

  1. 5. Study on the properties of zirconium-titanium-nickel film applied to resistive memory

Yang Xiaoqing Wang Xifu Zhu Xi

  1. 6. Preparation of flaky barium titanate by hydrothermal synthesis using titanate-like type of titanate

Zheng Kaijun Wang Xifu Lu Junan Chen Jianyu

  1. 7. Effect of Bi2O3 addition on microstructure, magnetic properties and DC superposition characteristics of NiCuZn ferrite magnets

  1. 8. Bi2Te3 material prepared by mechanical alloying method and its thermoelectric properties

Xu Guoyang Huang Jingyi Xie Huilin Li Shuyao

  1. 9. Study on the effect of copper precipitation on the magnetic properties and electrical properties of NiCuZn ferrite magnets

Wu Zhaoling Xiang Xiangyi

  1. 10. Research on WO3 electrochromic front-end process parameters

Weng Wenbin Luo Yinwei Song Wei Xiong Weijun

  1. 11. Vacuum sputtering technology applied to stone and other decorative building materials

Guo Zhicheng Wu Minhong Chen Xinru

  1. 12. Synthesis of niobium carbide with polycarbosilane as precursor

Chen Shengxuan Zhang Yuqi Chen Weizhong

Materials Group C Papers Session-Group C

(1) Moderator: Huang Qixiang, Han Xiongwen

(II) Argument: 13 articles 13 Papers

  1. 1. Study on evaporation of DLC film by nitrogen pulse plasma chemical vapor deposition at different times for the treatment of ASP23 high speed steel by nitrogen oxidation

Yu Yizheng Zhang Shixian Tang Deqian Li Jianlun

  1. 2. Study on the effect of the amount of phosphoric acid on the microstructure and properties of carbonyl iron powder film formation

Hong Jialu Xiang Xiangyi

  1. 3. A/CZ-CZ particle size and effect of solid solution on oxygen release capacity

Wei Chongzhe You Peiqing Yang Xianren Yan Fuji

  1. 4. Surface chemistry and dispersion properties of titanium dioxide

Guo Mingshu Li Jiayu

  1. 5. Reaction mechanism of synthesis of mullite by Al2O3-SiO2 powder system

You Peiqing Cai Yongwei Yang Bowl Review Yan Fuji

  1. 6. Thermal reaction catalysis caused by the reduction of the particle size of the raw material in the Al2O3-SiO2 powder system

Cai Yongwei, You Peiqing, Yang Bowl, Yan Fuji

  1. 7. Observation of changes in reaction pathways during the synthesis of Mullite by seed crystals

Chen Shijun, You Peiqing, Zou Yongqing, Yan Fuji

  1. 8. Differences in the reaction mechanism between the addition and non-addition of seed crystals in the process of synthesizing cordierite

Chen Zhengwei Wei Baihong Li Manni Yan Fuji

  1. 9. Effect of pore difference generated by cordierite ceramics synthesized from different size clinker powders on thermal expansion coefficient

Chen Zhiyi, You Peiqing, Wu Baizhen, Yan Fuji

  1. 10. Effect of zinc oxide replacing part of talc on cobalt blue glaze

Chen Yuquan Yang Yihan Han Xiongwen

  1. 11. Process of zinc-doped hydroxyapatite and its antibacterial properties

Wang Yanqing Yang Yongqin

  1. 12. Preparation of copper-containing locomotive exhaust gas conversion catalyst

Shi Qiongwen Yu Bingsheng Lin Yancheng Cai Jieting

  1. 13. Study on the synthesis of cordierite from serpentinite and mica

Huang Guanzhi Lei Datong

Resource Regeneration and Environmental Perseverance Group A Paper Resources Recycling Session-Group A

(1) Moderator: Huang Jiyan, Chen Zhiheng

(II) Argument: 14 articles 14 Papers

  1. 1. Study on synthesis of iron oxide and tantalum carbide from serpentine

Lin Yuting Zhang Yuqi

  1. 2. Study on the feasibility of using desulfurization gypsum combined with blast furnace stone powder to replace cement as cementing material

Wei Zhizhen Ke Mingxian

  1. 3. Environmentally friendly recycled slag reused in steelmaking test

Chen Zhihong Li Jiajun Lin Qiming Wu Weide

  1. 4. Conversion of fluorine-containing waste acid liquid into fluorite for resource utilization in steelworks

Lin Yanwei Su Yuanzhi Cai Liwen Feng Rongzhong

  1. 5. Selenium copper indium gallium waste target recycling technology

Xiang Xiangyi Jiang Zhongyu

  1. 6. Research on the recovery of thorium resources in waste wafers

Zhang Yingwen Li Qinghua Hong Jien Liao Jinghua

  1. 7. Stainless steel reduction 碴 replaces some cement to develop the strength of self-filling concrete

Shen Yongnian Sun Dehe Zhou Jiayu Liao Peiyu

  1. 8. Study on the characteristics of water-retaining porous ceramics prepared from waste-casting sand quenching and tempering waste algae

Lin Kailong Lan Ruying

  1. 9. Discussion on the development technology of green energy asphalt

Yang Shixian, Zhang Shaozhen, Yang Zhiyin, Xu Yuanliang

  1. 10. Study on immobilized incineration fly ash by inorganic polymerization technology

Zhong Qingwen Zheng Dawei

  1. 11. Feasibility study on making insulated bricks from white bamboo shoots

Xu Wei Li Wenjuan

  1. 12. Feasibility study on removal of water-soluble chloride salt by fine aggregate of incineration bottom slag

Xu Jiayuan Ke Mingxian

  1. 13. Preparation of mesoporous alumina microspheres by gas-gel self-assembly reaction for adsorption of copper ions in water

Huang Wei Huang Junyi Lin Jinrong

  1. 14. Effect of hydrothermal conditions on the synthesis of zeolite minerals from kaolinite

Zhang Yujia Chen Jianxuan Huang Jiyan

Resource Recycling and Environmental Perseverance Group B Resources Recycling Session-Group B

(1) Moderator: Chen Dalin, Chen Guangxi

(II) Argument: 13 articles 13 Papers

  1. 1. On the legal system and regulatory framework for carbon dioxide stratigraphy

Wei Guoyan

  1. 2. Application system dynamics to explore the influencing factors of carbon rights trading mechanism

Zheng Shizhen Wu Ronghua

  1. 3. Quantitative analysis of the scale migration scenarios in the carbon dioxide basin

Lu Yida Tan Zhihao Zhong Mingjian Yu Qiwen

  1. 4. Estimation of effective storage of carbon dioxide in brine formation in Yongheshan mining area

Liao Hengyi Chen Yixuan Liu Zhengdian Xie Bingzhi

  1. 5. Performance evaluation of carbon dioxide capture and slag stabilization using a supergravity rotating packed bed

Pan Shuyuan Jiang Benji Zhang Yiyi Chen Yuhong

  1. 6. Highly environmentally tolerant algae