Thanks to the assistance of all walks of life, the 107th annual meeting of the China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society has been successfully held and successfully concluded. In addition to thanking the members of the various groups of the Association for their generous donations and the attendance and support of the members of the Association, and thanking the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the Annual Meeting, Mr. Chen Jie, and the convener of each group: Associate Professor Yan Hongwei, Department of Materials, General Affairs Group, Finance Group China International Chairman of the Board of Directors Li Xinmin, deputy director of the special group of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Xie Zonglin, deputy director of the award-winning group, Mr. Yu Bingsheng, deputy professor of the North University of Science and Technology, Miss Chen Yiting, the secretariat of the registration group of the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, and the management team of the Taipower Mine, the fuel station of the mine, Chen Jianrong, etc. Concentrate on the city and contribute. In addition, I would like to thank the Chairman of Xinyang Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. Cai Sui for sponsoring the Titanium Memorial Cup, and also the Dean of the Articles of Chen Dagong of the National Taiwan University of Engineering, Director Lin Xinzhi of the Department of Materials, Deputy Director Xie Zonglin, Miss Lin Yuli and the teachers and students of the department. Thank you for your cooperation.

        The symposium, one of the highlights of this annual meeting, discussed the "Taiwan Alternative Energy Outlook and Challenges" during the transition period of Taiwan's energy structure, which is particularly meaningful. The top experts in wind and waste heat power generation brought brilliant speeches, which were well received and received great response. They are expected to generate a larger industrial scale for alternative energy sources.

       At this year's annual meeting, we will award the highest honor-technical medal of this association to Asia Cement Co., Ltd., which promotes the success of “Permanent Mines”, and awards Lu Shandong scholarships and student awards to encourage students, and also awards 11 articles. The winner of the thesis award, and selected the special award paper "Development of Pure Titanium Cold Rolled Sheet for Industrial Use", on behalf of the Association to participate in the selection of the Chinese Trade Union Engineering Paper Award this year, won the award of the highest honor "Jan's Thesis Award". During the meeting, Mr. Lu Shandong, the son of Lu Chaoqun, the chairman of the company, and the students of the Jiayu Association, should play the spirit of Lu Gong, learn to serve the country, and use it for the world.

       In addition, this year's special invitation to the vice president of China Steel Corporation Cai Songsong gave us a speech on "open-hearted thinking and practice sharing" at the annual meeting, so that we can see the vitality of the old and new branches, so that this association with a long history can be cited. For the sake of reference. At the end of the game, we will once again cite the song of mining and metallurgy, and relive the pride of the mining and metallurgists.

        Finally, I would like to thank all the people and people for their support and achievements in this year's event. I look forward to the next better gathering. I welcome everyone to visit the National Cheng Kung University in November next year to participate in the "First Asia-Pacific Mining and Metallurgy International Symposium" organized by the Association. Let us move towards internationalization and learn to innovate for the society. machine!

Huang Yurui, respectful